Patient traveling to Key West and the Florida Keys since the year 2003. It’s an enjoyable place with many destinations, attractions, things to do and places to just sit and watch the water. I consider my very own Key West vacations to be some of the best-spent time connected with my entire Here are my suggestions on getting at this time there and starting your vacation.

Getting there: I’m an exceptionally strong fan of flying into Ft. Lauderdale and driving the 126 miles south from Homestead to help Key West down Highway 1, also known there as being the Overseas Highway. From Ft. Lauderdale, take your rental car or truck to Florida’s Turnpike and just follow it all the way south until it finally ends in Homestead and Florida City. It costs $4 in tolls to take the Turnpike, and as of Next month 2011 you have to have a Sun Pass transponder. Most lease car companies will rent you one for a few cash; call and shop around before making your car reservation.

If you have excellent desire to see Miami before you die, then by all means often fly into Miami airport or take I-95 south from Ft. Lauderdale. Who am I to stop you?

One can find many bars, restaurants, gift shops, and other tourist-oriented vacation spots on your drive down the Keys. Something important to keep track of are classified as the mile marker signs – everything in the Keys is definitely tracked by its Mile Marker. For example , the Holiday Inn in Key Largo (home to the African Queen instructions the actual boat used in the movie) is at Mile Producer (MM) 100. Marathon is about halfway down at MILIMETER 50, the Seven Mile Bridge begins at MILLIMETERS 42, and Key West is, of course , at Mile Marker 0.

Buy gas in Islamorada or Key Largo – it gets more expensive, the further southern you go. bus from miami to key west tour Guides say when you think of the planning a trip to Miami, you should not miss out on the Bus Miami Everglades National Park

Once you get to Key West and check into your personal hotel or B&B, most people just walk or motorbike around town, and I recommend this. It’s cheaper as well as fewer hassles than continually trying to find parking, and once occur to be in Old Town – the “downtown” area of Crucial West – everything’s pretty much within walking distance.

Ought to nothing else, plan to take in sunset one evening on Mallory Square, down by the cruise ship docks. The citizens of Key West celebrate sunset every night with designers, performers, and applause when the sun disappears. It’s the “only in Key West” type of experience.