No, seriously. Grocery is something we need all year round. If you can save up on your grocery, you will probably save out on a lot. While there are no hard and fast rules that may work every time; if you try to use the following tips while grocery shopping, they will eventually become a habit. Once they become your habit, you can calculate just how much grocery shopping savings can amount to.

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Tips to saving on grocery

1- Buy Seasonal stuff

Seasonal food is usually cheaper as well as tastier. Make it a habit to find out what produce is in season and consume more of it in that particular season. Buying products that are out of season can be expensive.

2- Buy locally

Instead of making it a habit to buy the branded stuff, you could try local stores. Local stores are usually cheaper and you can ask around for recommendations of good products. Foodstuff that comes from abroad is very costly in comparison to local stuff.

3- Buy online

Some products can be bought online for much cheaper than the market. Find out what these products are and make a list to keep them handy. On the other hand, keep checking out websites that put seasonal discounts. Some stuff can be bought and stored without the risk for expiry, so buy them when there is a sale.

4- Use offers

When there is an offer in the market, make sure to use it in the best possible way. Again, purchasing stuff with a longer shelf life is ideal for using in offers.

5- Reuse

Cook in batches and store your foodstuffs in the freezer. Not only will this reduce your workload but it will also help in saving the ingredients you put in your food. This may not have anything to do with buying, but it does have to do with saving the money you invested in the food.

6- Plan your meal

This is a vital part of your grocery shopping. Of course, you buy foodstuff that you are going to cook. So if you have it planned ahead, you can buy the ingredients for your meal at a cheaper rate rather than spot buying at the market price.

7- Keep a check

Finally, keep checking on the things you have in store so that you don’t end up buying what you already have. If you are already stocked up on certain things, it would be a waste to let it spoil and waste money buying more of it.