Cabo San Lucas Car Rental

Cabo San Lucas Car Rental is a way to enjoy the benefits of a car, but not have to deal with the price and responsibilities which come with ownership. Rather than paying to have a car all the time, you only pay for when you actually use an automobile –often by the hour or by the day. Car sharing is gaining ground in towns across America–and Seattle is no exception. Companies like Zipcar and Car2Go have a solid presence in Seattle and other car sharing companies and peer sharing networks are gaining a foothold as well. More choices are certain to come!

Benefits of Car Sharing

As long as you don’t need a car each day, car sharing can be far cheaper than owning a vehicle. Rates vary depending on the kind of car and the length of time you need it, but start at around $9-$12/hour and $80-$90/day.
You don’t need to worry about monthly car insurance fees or gasoline.
You also don’t need to think about car maintenance, oil changes or surprise car problems.
In areas like Western Washington where many men and women care about the environment, car sharing is ideal as it helps reduce emissions. Generally, if you don’t have 24-7 access to a car, you will decide to walk or ride the bus some of the time.
Unlike traditional rental cars, with most car sharing programs, you don’t need to pay extra for insurance or gas.
Pick-up places are designed to be convenient.

Cabo San Lucas Car Rental


Zipcar is among the main car sharing options in the Seattle area, and fortunately it offers many options. Rather than have one location for car pick-up, as do traditional car rental outfits, Zipcar places are distributed and situated in neighborhoods. From the Puget Sound area, cars are mostly located in downtown Seattle, but also West Seattle, the University District, Ballard, Green Lake, Beacon Hill, Bellevue, Redmond and near the airport. Zipcars may also be located in downtown Tacoma and round the universities there, including Pacific Lutheran, University of Puget Sound, and UW-Tacoma. You are able to check out places online or via the app.

You have to join with Zipcar to utilize its automobiles. You’re able to view cars, rates and places online before you join. Each car available is recorded on the internet with a photograph of the automobile, its hourly or daily rate, its location, and a few information regarding the specific car. Zipcar rates include gas, insurance and 180 miles each day. Each car has its own rates. Most hourly rates are approximately $15. Most daily prices are approximately $80 with some higher, some lower. It’s also important to be aware that not all cars are readily available for a daily rental.

You reserve a car online or with an app on your phone. When you’ve got a reservation, visit the place you select and utilize your Zipcard to unlock your vehicle by holding the card within the card reader located on the windshield of the car. To return a car, you must choose the Zipcar back into its home place and park at one of the Zipcar spots.


Much like Zipcar, Car2Go members get a membership card that’s used to unlock cars. Members can reserve cars by using the site , the Car2Go program, calling the company or even booking an available car parked on the street. If you run across an available car, you can reserve those cars immediately. Online and app bookings are complete at least 30 minutes ahead of time. Car2Go cars are found at places all over Seattle, so long as they are within Seattle’s house area. You can use the car where you desire, but it must be returned to someplace within the house area when you’re done.

An gap between Zipcar and Car2Go is the sort of car. Where Zipcar has cars of all sizes and shapes, Car2Go includes a fleet of Mercedes-Benz GLAs. Another major distinction is that Car2Go cars can be returned anywhere in the house area, not just to a house lot. Based on what you need to use a vehicle for, this could be high on the convenience factor!

Car2Go has the same rates for all of its cars. There’s a one-time linking fee. After that, you can reserve per second, per hour or a day, and there are is an upcharge if you go more than 150 miles. You never have to worry about gas, insurance or other incidentals. Should you have to refuel, you’ll get reimbursed.

Cabo San Lucas Car Rental


Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing program, meaning that automobile owners allow their cars to be leased for an agreed-upon length of time. Because Turo operates with individual owners instead of maintaining a fleet of cars, there are far more automobiles out there in more places for this company than others–automobiles are available from Everett to Olympia and anyplace in between.

Renters will find a wide variety of automobiles with a wide array of prices, since automobile owners set the price. Rates can be as low as two or three dollars per hour and $35 per day, or as high as $15 per hour and upwards of $70 per day (however you can also get some swanky cars via Turo). You can decide on the ideal car for your needs at the price you can afford. You will pick up the car from the owner or from a specified location. You are responsible for replacing the gasoline you used either by paying the owner or refueling. Insurance is included with the rental.

Alternately, if you’re interested in earning extra cash and helping out others, you can let your vehicle out through Turo. You can accept who chooses your car and for how long, as well as check the license of the person driving before they take your vehicle. In addition you set the cost tenants need to pay. The company manages billing and insurance coverage for you. Members can make several thousand annually leasing out their car when they are not using it. According to Turo’s site , what you’ll create is determined by the value of your car.


ReachNow is a car sharing service with a fleet of BMW cars available to be used. Perks of ReachNow contain sporty cars, reimbursed gas and parking charges, and also a lower rate when you’re parked. Moreover, the more you push, the more you save.

ReachNow cars are in many Seattle neighborhoods. Automobiles can be found and booked via the ReachNow app, and new users may register through the program also and are accepted within 30 minutes. Cars can be returned to any lawful parking spaces within the home region.