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An expert North Carolina speeding ticket along with Traffic Attorney to take care of your speeding ticket traffic violation may help save you money and time. Don’t confuse the seriousness and long-lasting impact a person citation can perform on your lifetime. A number of the very best traffic attorneys will notify you that a conviction increases insurance premiums and include driver license points which could lead to license suspension.

Attorney Jon Welborn is a Winston Salem Traffic Lawyer that manages the following places:

Davidson County NC — City of Thomasville & Lexington
Davie County NC — City of Mocksville
Forsyth County NC — City of Winston Salem
Iredell County NC — City of Mooresville & Statesville
Yadkin County NC — City of Yadkinville
Talk to some zealous traffic attorney, such as Jon, prior to paying back your ticket or on the internet in If you repay your ticket as billed then you want to know you’re admitting guilt to a crime that probably may be reduced or ignored if you keep Jon’s services.

Traffic Attorney

Traffic Tickets can add NC License Points and Boost insurance

A traffic attorney will probably save you from raising insurance premiums and driver license points. Driver License Points are things set on your driving record when a man or woman has been convicted of specific speeding ticket traffic offenses. The very best traffic attorneys will notify you if a individual receives 12 points or more in just a 3 year period then it’s probably their driver license will be revoked by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles. If you can get your license reinstated then then 8 extra points within a 3 year period could create another suspension. If your permit is suspended it might be obtained for 60 days; 6 weeks for the next suspension; and 12 or more weeks to the next suspension.

Sample common permit points assigned for NC convictions:

License Points Conviction
5 Passing Stopped School Bus
4 Reckless Driving
3 Running Stop Sign
Two Failure to Restrain Child
1 Littering between Motor Vehicle
0 Improper equipment | Improper muffler
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Employing a skilled traffic attorney may prevent extra insurance issues. The auto liability insurance rates that are compensated by licensed motorists in North Carolina depend on specific elements. The very best speeding attorneys know these variables, include but aren’t restricted to, the NC insurance premiums set forth from the NC Rate Bureau; the insurance points that have accumulated through the past few decades for speeding ticket traffic violations or auto injuries; the area of the insured; the driving experience of this motorist.

Traffic Attorney

Sample of Insurance Points

Insurance Points Conviction or At-Fault Accident
12 Driving while Impaired | DUI DWI
10 Highway racing
8 Driving during revocation or suspension of permit
4 Reckless Driving

  • Passing a stopped school bus
    3 At fault accident Leading to death OR total bodily harm to all Individual in excess of 1800 OR Leading to total property damage involving insured’s property of $3000 or more
    Two Illegal passing
    1 Speeding 10 miles or less in excess of speed limit of over 55 miles
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In most situations in the event the driver participates in a NC Defensive Driving School course then the State will consider a substantial reduction in the charged crimes than they want without having finished the NC defensive driving school program. Conclusion of this NC Defensive Driving School program is usually merely recommended by Attorney Welborn in scenarios like reckless speeding or driving at high rates of speed in excess of 93 mph. In case you have questions if completion of the course / program may help you then talk to Jon about it.

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