If you ever own a salon or spa business a pedicure couch, pedicure chairs, pedicure spa and pedicure spas is definitely investment that returns your initial expenses quickly. Nevertheless before making that investment you need to do your homework so you have the type of equipment that you want. It is difficult to find many retail outlets of which handle the chairs, so do research online to learn programs to know.

The best way to determine what you want is to visit as many schools and salons as possible. Sit in the chairs and keep insights about what you like and dislike about specific models, those are the most comfortable, the space needed to set them, and what capabilities will increase the number of clients for your specific type of clientele.

Set up your list and decide how much money you can shell out. Get online and research equipment with your specific desires. The actual business you own has a lot to do with the type of spa chair you have to. Small individual businesses tend to purchase the lower cost models though luxury spas invest in chairs with the most elaborate features.

Space available for spa chairs and the number of chairs you plan to obtain is a determining factor. Safety is an important feature that many people you should never think about until they have already bought and used the chair. Most of selections should be easily accessible for any type of customer, including chubby and disabled with few obstacles in the way to visit them up.

Many models have swivel seats, movement out and swing up arms. The way in which water during the foot bath circulates and drains is vital to safeness. Water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and one automobile accident of infection could cost you your business, so make sure you receive the safest version available. People love luxury so the more important gaming features. a unit has the more business it will draw in.

The lounge chair itself must be comfortable, so consider purchasing one by using extra padding. Spa chairs are available that have massaging characteristics with rollers, discs and vibrators that mimic individuals hands for total relaxation during a pedicure. Some arrive in remote controls that are used by the guest or the technician.

The standard chair has piping that goes to the foot submerge while another type has no piping. Those with pipes transport a higher risk of bacteria because there are more places for it to cover. Follow the manufacturers suggested cleaning instructions to avoid any different problems. Non-piped selections are easier to clean and carry a lower bacteria risk because water cannot hide in conduits.

Non-piped chairs are quieter making the spa experience more challenging. Simple chairs are available that are designed with only seating including a foot bath. One luxurious model is egg processed and has an automatic built in massage, cup holders, magazine shelving, jet stream foot massages with controlled heat, a strong IPOD dock station and speakers. Others come equipped with state of mind lighting, full body reclining backrests and other lavish solutions.