If you are reading this article chances are you are feeling the anguish that comes with diets, possibly not for the diet itself, but in finding the right diet for you. 7 times out of 10 the most stressful part of any weight loss plan is actually choosing which one to do. There are so many different diets these days that it can be an absolute minefield!

Fear not, I would like to share with everyone 3 of the best diets for losing weight which will make your choice a whole lot tough.

Below we have compiled a list of 3 of the best best diet pills for losing weight, these diets have all been proven to work and are all nutritious options.

But I would like to start with a tip, in fact it is the best weight losing tip I know, it is simply this…

“Stick at it! “

That’s it; there is no mystery, certainly no magic, no incredibly complex algorithm, no skill and also mastery! Once you have chosen a diet method that suits you, and more notable you feel you can achieve with, then it is simply a condition of sticking with it.

So let us look at 3 for the best diets for losing weight! (These are in no particular order when all are very achievable methods to losing weight).

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The 3 Apple diet:

You probably never heard of this one however , let me tell you, it is very effective. Why is it so effective? Mainly because belonging to the water content within the apple and of course the 5 grms of fibre it also contains. Any foods you eat that contain a high water and fibre content are very good and really effective for weight loss.

So How Does It Work?

Really there are only a pair of rules that you must adhere to:

Rule 1: Before you eat any of your two main meals a day you must eat 1 apple!

Yes you can still have three meals a day and still have all your company favourite foods, just as long as you stick to eating that 4 apple, no more just 1! Obviously the more healthy your selection of foods for your meals, the speedier your weight loss will see results.

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