Travel blogging is a format that’s simply blowing up right now. When I first began blogging in 2008, I honestly didn’t even know that anybody else was blogging about their journeys. In the beginning, I was only doing up a site so that family and friends back home can follow along with my travels, which is still one of the main reasons that I hear fresh bloggers have started their own travel sites.

Even if you aren’t certain you want to attempt and generate any money from traveling blogging right now, if you’re going to establish a blog, do it correctly. You could wind up enjoying the process, and more significantly the travel blogging neighborhood, so much that you do want to take it up to a form of income generation down the road. Bearing that in mind, begin properly. So here are some very, very basic tips when you’re starting out.

(1) Join Twitter and dive right into the blog for travelers community. You will be impressed at how helpful everyone will be to aid you down the street. These are likely to be your backbone of information givers, so take part, return and you will be rewarded.

That was a non-writing suggestion, but the traveling blogging community will be so important to your travels along with your writing, I thought I’d start there, but right back into the basic site tips.

(2) You must self-host your blog. Period. I began using Blogger/Blogspot and wasted approximately two years there. Yes, it’s easy to use, but you are not maximizing your potential there. Proceed to one of the domain purchasing sites, purchase a domain name, go to and begin on your own website.

(3) Set your URLs to descriptive terms and not just the default setting. The default setting will create URLs that have an ending that look like this ? 7643 — and those are only dreadful for SEO (search engine optimisation ) purposes. The shift is simple. Just go to your dash, look for your administration tab and click on the permalinks button. Choose a title format that uses the words out of your name and try to get rid of the worthless words, for example”to,””the,””a” and the like.

(4) Please put a re-tweet button on your website by means of a plug-in. Twitter is just a universal instrument in this point and it is blogging malpractice to not have a re-tweet button that’s simple to use. And while you’re at it, make sure the settings are set so that your @address comes up automatically whenever someone strikes your RT button make it easy for individuals to really help you.

This, besides”have good content,” is the easiest tip to follow along with the normal course of business. Publish 3-4 times a week, since you get a following people are going to actually need to follow along. If you are likely to be in a place that has bad internet access, take a day out to write some posts and program them to go up automatically, which is also simple in a WordPress self-hosted blog.

(6) Set up sociable networking buttons on your website. At minimum, you have to have a Facebook fan page and a button alongside it in your website. Additionally you ought to be using StumbleUpon. We spoke about Twitter already. Do not overdo the buttons, however you need them in the end of every one of your posts, so that individuals that use them can — once again — assist you. You will find easy plug-ins for all of these.

I’ll be writing more in the long run about fundamental hints, since I have had numerous novices ask so many straightforward questions. In sum, recall this. People want to assist you. In case you’ve got good content, you will find that people want to spread the word. Figure out ways to make that easy on them. If you do the footwork to let people help you easily…. Folks will help you.