Family vacation, hiatus, get-a-way, retreat, or sabbatical anyway you concept it, a sabbatical is something people take to revitalise, regroup and refresh their lives. In an age everywhere employees are coping with added pressures by devoting excess hours to prove their worth to their employers, sabbaticals are needed.

Others who may need time off include business owners, mothers and fathers, and caregivers who struggle with the inability to delegate assignments and let go. Most people are now constantly connected through a variety of wireless technologies making it harder to disconnect, unplug in addition to get-a-way.

Sabbaticals are extended vacations lasting from just about one month to as much as eighteen months. People are motivated to take sabbaticals for purposes such as rest and relaxation, study, take a trip, volunteer, soul search, build relationships, and heal. Primarily, taking a sabbatical may not seem feasible. In order to purposefully plus successfully take time off you must have the will to make your aspiration sabbatical a reality.

Ask yourself these questions, what do you really want for your life and why do you want to take a sabbatical? Think about what you would want to accomplish then set your purpose and develop your desired goals.

Write down your vision for what your congé sabbatique will look like. It’s very important that you are as specific as possible. This helps you think about what you look for and leads you to knowing how to proceed with planning.

Truly believe that you can take a sabbatical. Cast down people feelings of fear and doubt. Don’t listen to the individuals who tell you, you can’t do it, even if it’s the voice in your thoughts. If you find that challenges present themselves, know that they can be overcome. There are various people in your situation who have achieved their dream sabbatical.

Start putting things in place. Review your company’s policies with taking a leave of absence. Budget and save for the sabbatical. This may mean making adjustments to your lifestyle. Tell your friends of your plans who would then hold you to your personal word and support you in your process.

Sabbatical planning shouldn’t be taken lightly. You should definitely include the following in your planning practice. Simplify your life and way of living. Lighten your load and let go physically and mentally so that you will be in a better position to focus completely on pleasing your purpose during your time off. I propose that you start preparing now, if you feel this is for you. Enjoy your sabbatical and even repeat as needed.