You actually finally made it! For years you waited to be free, out on your own, and have your own space. Walking into your new condominium is a fulfilling moment when you see all the emptiness that you command line. A couch there, a painting here. Above the doorstep is an old saying you live by. This apartment is undoubtedly an extension of you and it’s completely yours.

Despite your personal euphoria, there is an unfortunate consequence of living alone. That you are a young woman. Your newfound freedom has also blacklisted you actually as an easy victim for criminals. Think nothing ever previously happens or could happen to you? Think again. Statistically, the odds aren’t going to be in your favor. You may be one in a million in your city, but you are still only 1. This can weigh heavily on your mind and wreak havoc on your sensations.

Don’t give into the fear.

Peek outside your door. There isn’t any neon sign blinking directing rapists to your new household. This doesn’t mean you aren’t vulnerable. Take control and follow these kind of steps to create a safe, secure apartment that will always be your individual haven.

1 . Request new locks:

You just got your company keys to your premier appartement, but you should double-check often the locks are new, too. Most apartment complexes easily change the locks as a safety precaution. Although it is unlikely the last owner randomly returns, you don’t want to take any chances with your security and safety.

2 . Add interior security cameras or alarms:

Security cameras in addition to alarms aren’t just for houses. This is your home. If someone should get past your locks, you need a backup system to stop thieves. A little sticker in the window clearly visible to help intruders will make them double think if it’s worth it.

three or more. Get a roommate:

The key word is “alone. ” Expressing an apartment with a roommate immediately increases your safety. Rapists in particular are looking to victimize one person, not two. The more persons, the more complicated, and he will just stalk away. When you are dead set on making it on your own, consider stopping by your local tent and adopt a dog. The pet deposit is a small value to pay for a four-legged security guard.

4. Take a self-defense type:

In the end, if your apartment is invaded, so are you. Mantra of sophisticated robber or rapist, if you are home when the unthinkable transpires, you should know how to keep yourself from becoming a statistic on the news. Create a self-defense class at a local gym or just search for just one online. Many local YMCA’s offer such classes inexpensively. It’s a great way to meet other proactive women. Group inspiration and strategic tactical advantages will truly give you accurate peace that only self-awareness can bring.