Lots of musicians and bands do a fantastic job of getting email addresses in a display, on tour, as well as buying a free Mp3 for an email address.

But they allow the record get chilly by sending both emails per year.

One boosting your new album or tour after which one through Black Friday because you are expecting to sell some merch.

However, you have to bear in mind a couple of things…

That means you should not feel as though you’re annoying them once you send them an email address.

The next issue is if you simply email your listing to advertise matters, you are essentially like that buddy most of us possess that never keeps connected and just sends a message whenever they need something.

And that is precisely what it is that you are doing when you come out of nowhere and try to offer your record via email.

This individual may have been drunk in your display and they do not even recall how they got to your listing in the first location!

What you need to do is send folks weekly emails.

Make the most of the fact that you are a musician in a group and you are living a life that most people won’t ever encounter.

They do not understand how to write songs, or exactly what its like to really go on a tour or perform a show before people. They truly don’t have any clue.

What you could do is rather than sending them promotional emails each week.

Or check out this mad story in the show we played with this month. You may even begin a dialog with them and inquire about their favourite band. Attempt to join with them!

It does not need to be long possibly 200-400 words, or you might even link to a movie in case you don’t like writing. Nonetheless, it retains that link with your supporters so they look forward to seeing your name from the inbox.

So once you do wish to advertise and record or sell merch they’ll be more inclined to start your email and they will be more inclined to purchase from you because they like you.

Increasing your fanbase is about creating and maintaining connections. Whenever you’ve got an email list which you could do this quite easily with just about 20 minutes each week.