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Spotting A Charity Scam A Mile Away


Simply being the kind of person that scams hard earned money from trusting people can be bad enough, but being the kind of person that profits off the catastrophe of others takes a special kind of evil. As very difficult…

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Charity Computer Donations


On a yearly basis, in millions of homes and offices around the world, old desktops are callously dumped to be replaced with latest technology computers. It can be a callous act, because not many amongst us can claim to be…

IFCJ reviews
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Shared Fraud Involving Charity Organizations


Charity organizations perform a valuable job for IFCJ reviews communities and people. They discover ways and go the additional mile to raise money to establish campaigns which are targeted at assisting the poor and underprivileged and enhancing their lives if…

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Give Something Still Beneficial to Charity


As soon as we hear of IFCJ solicitations, odds are our mindset is to give away old clothing or canned products simply to mention we left a charitable action. However, while this can be something generous people, it can be…