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The Energy Switch Guarantee is a voluntary group of guarantees that providers register to in a bid to offer a dependable, hassle-free switch to new members.

The fantastic people who take care of the Guarantee step all participating providers to be certain they are sticking to the obligations made of these. We signed up for the back in 2016 therefore we can make it effortless for members to join and get a reasonable, sustainable alternative for their previous provider. In this post, we are discussing the information in Q2 (April – June) of the season since we set ourselves criteria, and we think our members should be able to observe how we are doing, and where we will need to improve bulb referral.

Making sense of this information

Entire we performed well, but fell short in a few areas. We are going to have a better look at where we slid up, and the way we are going to put that right.

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How did people do this past quarter?

Complaints about shifting

We are making switching as easy as you possibly can and this can be reflected in our information. We’ve received minimum complaints in proportion to our variety of switches.

The time it takes to change

Our ordinary switch time for gas and electricity had been 21 and 22 times respectively. This implies that our typical change period with this quarter has been more than 21 days.

While 3 percent of switches took over 21 days, all instances are deemed valid exceptions, by which what led to the delay was outside of our hands. Between 30th May and 6th June, our information supervisor had a technical mistake where gasoline registrations for new members weren’t delivered to us. USS are in charge of moving all information between energy providers throughout a member’s turn. We seen this over the week, reapplied to the advice we had, and educated our associates concerning the delay.

Sending final invoices

Last year we enhanced the percentage of final invoices issued within 6 months from 77.3percent last quarter to 95.1 percent.

Issuing stinks

71 percent of concessions have been issued in 14 days following the last bill. Regrettably, because of a bug, we had a variety of refunds which were issued late, meaning that our normal time to issue refunds after a last invoice was 21 days. After we discovered this bug in our system, we fixed it instantly and processed the delayed refunds.

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How are we likely to do better ?

Decrease the Amount of overdue refunds

We have already identified the most important issue that’s preventing us by sending any refunds inside the 14-day window. This occurs when members have cancelled their debit. We’ve started developing a procedure which can help us process refunds when the direct debit has been cancelled.

Make sure switches whole punctually

To make sure switches complete in time, we use an automatic monitoring system that highlights whenever there’s a mismatch between the information we receive from and ship to our information manager. This implies we could grab issues straight away instead of hearing it through unhappy buddies. By grabbing these problems straight away we will have the ability to be certain switches intact on time, all of the time.

We are really Happy to be Part of this Energy Switch Guarantee. Not only does this supply us with our very own performance information, but in addition, it enables us to become better and supply us with all the transparency to continue to keep our members informed. Make sure you check at the conclusion of next quarter to determine how we completed.

Although we did not quite hit our goals last quarter, we all think that it’s important our members understand how we are performing. And we believe other providers should do exactly the same. A more educated customer = a happy customer.

Understanding how we are doing helps us to enhance. Plus it gives us helpful information to discuss with our associates. Make sure you check at the conclusion of next quarter to determine how we completed.

Have you got any ideas on the Guarantee, or some other bright ideas on how we could improve? Let us know in the bulb referral Community.