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In Bulbwe love getting to know our associates. Particularly when they are up to something interesting. In this informative article, get to understand Bulb member Matthew Quitter of London Electric Cars, that converts classic automobiles into electric vehicles (trendy, right?)

Making the electrical Morris Minor

Next time you see a timeless 1953 Morris Minor Series 2 over the roads of London, have a good look. Far from becoming a classic banger, it may be among the cleanest, most advanced cars on earth.

London Electric Cars (LEC) convert older gas and diesel vehicles to electrical ones. The Morris is the lovely prototype. Look beneath the bonnet and rather than a filthy, greasy gas engine you’ll discover recycled notebook batteries.

The guy behind LEC is Matthew Quitter, a Bulb manhood and hero. Like many people, he sees electrical automobiles as the long run. However he was worried about the one billion cars currently on earth. If we jump straight to themthink of all of the metal led to the scrap heap. Matthew determined there was a better method. In his words, he’s’a simple goal to bring down the number of combustion engines in the world, without throwing away all these cars that have combustion engines in them.’ That is where conversion comes from.

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A real craftsman

The LEC conversion procedure is a mix of utilizing technologies, together with good old-fashioned mechanical technologies. It begins using 3D computer modelling to simulate the automobile and figure out where to set the batteries. Later, Matthew goes into the garage to begin tinkering. He states:’There’s a moment in the conversion process when the car becomes”clean”, where all the oily bits have been taken care of and it’s time to start putting the electrics in.’ \

Listening to Matthew, it is obvious he is a true craftsman who enjoys his job. He understood nothing about automobiles before he chose to take on the challenge of converting them. And after kicking off using the Morris Minor, he is now dabbling with additional recognizable cars, such as the Land Rover. He is even working on a Ferrari transformation.

Passing on the understanding

People love what Matthew’s performing to those traditional automobiles. The Morris Minor prices just #1 per week to operate as a daily transportation around London and continues to be spoken of as the ideal city car.

But one electrical traditional automobile will not change the world by itself. That is why Matthew’s working on some thing which just may. He is developing’car kits’ to pass what he has learnt concerning converting cars to electrical. The intent is to enable simple conversion of automobiles in the home, without the need for welding or cutting. Since Matthew says’If we can create kits and let people do their own conversions, it will lead to many more being converted.’

Putting power to the hands of individuals to go green – that is just the type of item Bulb can get behind. London Electric Cars – we salute you.